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OCTOBER 17th 2023
FROM 15:00 P.M. TO 16:00 P.M. (SPANISH TIME)
FROM 14:00 P.M. TO 15:00 P.M. (ENGLISH TIME).






This webinar will focus on the ongoing RELATE (relational approaches to treating self-harm) trial. RELATE is a feasibility randomised controlled trial currently running in the UK, which is investigating 8-sessions of cognitive analytic therapy (CAT) as a treatment for adults who self-harm in community settings. Self-harm is a prevalent mental health problem that can be a significant challenge for individuals, families, and services. Whilst there is evidence that psychological therapies can help people who self-harm, the evidence base is currently limited. CAT has the potential to be helpful for people who self-harm as it targets processes and difficulties that are hypothesised to underlie self-harming behaviour. However, there has so far been no trials evaluating CAT for self-harm, specifically. This webinar will provide an introduction and overview of the trial and its progress so far. In particular, the webinar will cover the following:

  • Background and justification for the trial
  • Outline of trial methodology and approach
  • A discussion of the 8-session CAT approach being used in the trial
  • Brie summary of progress so far

The webinar will last 60 minutes and will include time for questions and discussion.


  • Peter Taylor, University of Manchester
  • Stephen Kellett, Rotherham, Doncaster, and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust
  • Clive Turpin, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

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